Timing is everything.

No pictures. No music Monday. Just me, writing…

I’ve had the saying “timing is everything” stuck in my head all night. I know its because I went and saw Country Strong again. {Side note – amazing movie. Seriously, go see it.}
But anyhow, there’s a song performed in the movie titled, “timing is everything” and its so true. I keep thinking about how everything in life goes back to that… if I would have been a second early or late… would that have changed it all? Just altering the slightest of moments could completely change the world around you.

Now, I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason {I’ve mentioned this several times before, I know.} And I think they go hand in hand…

Life is all timing, chances, and reasons… the school you choose and the job you don’t get; the amazing friends you make and old friends you lose; the falling in with someone and the realization of disdain for something; the first and last breaths we take. But… I think its all the in-betweens that really, truly matter… like how not getting the job you were lusting over ended up leading you to the job you didn’t know you would love. How losing your oldest and dearest friends led you to some of the most amazing people you’ve ever known. And that falling out of love with someone would you bring you to falling in love with something else…

I do believe timing is everything. And I believe we need to make the most of our time… enjoying those we were blessed with, not dwelling on those that leave. Diving head first into things we love, not slowly half-assing things we hate. Smiling a little more, feeling sorry for ourselves a little less…

You never know when that one second could change it all…

I apologize for my nonsensical ramblings. {It’s late, er, early…I can’t sleep… and my mind is just in la la land.}

Love always.


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