Oh my Saturday!

Oh Saturday! It was a nice, chill, productive day. Missy {my roommate} and I went out and about downtown. Just wondered around and window shopped!

This is what we wore…

Me: Scarf {made by me}

White tank {Ruehl from years ago}

Blue check shirt {Old Navy on clearance}

Leggings {Walmart}

Boots {Kohl’s on clearance and from years ago}

Missy: Cardigan {JC Penneys}

Dress {Gabe’s}

Tights {Target}

Flats {Gabe’s}

This is who I spent my day with…

After Missy and I were out and about all day, I met up with Laura, AJ, and Bub. We went to dinner and the Funny Bone {we saw Bob Marley and he was hysterical!}

What we ate all day…

We tried out Press Grill in the short north for lunch and it was delicious! I had an OYO {Ohio distilled vodka} and cranberry and we ordered the white pizza. So, so, so good… if you haven’t tried it… you need to!

Where we went all day…

We were going to check out the boutique reduction sale but when we got there the line was wrapped around the block and it was cold out. So we didn’t go… from what I’ve heard we didn’t miss too much. Then we went and checked out On Paper in the short north. It’s a stationary store and it’s so cute! I got a piece of Paris wrapping paper that I’m going to frame and put in my room. Yay! We checked out a bakery that had lots of yum yums but nothing that sounded great at the time… so I resisted {shockingly!}.

So that was my Saturday… How was yours?

I’ve had a pretty productive Sunday as well. I’m going to work on some sewing tonight, I have some alterations to do, another duvet cover, and a couple scarves to make.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Love always.


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