A girl can dream.

I want a pink house. Particularly one without the Simple Life and E! logo’s but… beggars can’t be choosers, right? 😉

But in all complete seriousness… I want this. How adorable is it? As long as I can remember I have always wanted a pink house. I also want it to be older with some character and history to it. There’s this beautiful, pink, old home in DT Lancaster and every time I pass it I wish it were out in the country somewhere, and that I lived there.

I want this bedroom in my pink house. How cozy does this look?? It’s perfect: vintagey, floral, bright, and inviting. Makes me wanna crawl in this bed and read on a rainy afternoon or cuddle with my hubby, bf, cat…whoever. ahh…haha.

And this closet… I don’t even need to explain. A girl like me, needs a closet like this.

Who doesn’t want a back porch like this? Oh, I know I do. Perfect place for coffee and the newspaper in the morning. Dinner with friends and family in the evening. And late night glasses of wine and chatting with your bests.

I love homes, interior design, creating, spring, or anything in that realm.

And boy do I need to find myself a man that loves me a lot to want to live in a pink house. (Good luck to me!!) Ahhh, a girl can dream…

What are you dreaming about today? This weekend?

Have a good Friday evening, dolls.

Love always,

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